From the Sofa Manager team


If you’re completely new to us, and to be honest you probably are, let me tell you about our story. Paul and myself, John, way back in 2017 had this mad notion of running a football blog and podcast talking all things Scottish football. We recorded the first episode of the podcast with a couple of Guitar Hero microphones (no joke) and two laptops old enough to give Alan Turing a run for his money in a caravan. We were never always accurate and not always correct but it’s always a laugh. Our good friend completing the trio is our La Liga expert Dario Darren G blowing us all away with a crazy knowledge of the Spanish leagues. We’ve also had a few guest appearances from Fraser and Andrew in the past.

I myself am a Falkirk fan for my sins and exiled to London where I live and work. While odd it’s given me a chance to bounce about a lot of games in the Capital and witness some incredible games. Closest to me is Charlton and my adopted ‘local’ team. This season has been a bit of a mess following relegation but all of that is kind of forgiven for the unforgettable play-off run in the 18/19 season culminating at my first trip to Wembley against Sunderland.

Paul is allegedly an Aberdeen fan but that’s a loose fitting depending on which of his other two big teams are top of the league in a particular season. If you haven’t listened to any of our podcasts you may recognise his voice from some of the Falkirk Under 20’s games from a few seasons ago. Darren meanwhile is an out-and-out blu..Barcelona fan. Think I got away with that.