09 Jun

Denmark Could Denmark emulate their 1992 success? Mmm probably not. However, don’t take that as a dismissive ‘mmm’. That is a ponderous noise because, in truth, Denmark are a bit of a dark horse this year. Only one team has defeated Denmark since September 2020, and that was Belgium who they’ll face in Group B….

07 Jun

Italy If Scotland weren’t at the Euros this season I would absolutely be supporting the Azzurri this year. The kit, the National Anthem, the style, the history and the passion is captivating. They perhaps don’t have the same level of household names but it’s still a very good squad. There’s experience with the likes of…

I did say in my last post that the European Super League proposal was the opening of Pandora’s Box; well I was half right depending on your point of view. The idea is dead – for now – but the aftermath has been nothing short of significant. From owners sending grovelling apologies, a few others…